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Year on year, the the number of Fast Stream applicants increases and the number of places decreases; the Civil Service Fast Stream now only take approximately 3% of initial applicants. In addition, the assessment phases change each year – the 2019 format is arguably tougher than 2018.

Through both the free information on this website and our 1-1 coaching, we aim to make you one of that 3%.  We have had a high percentage of Fast Stream Assessment Centre (FSAC) pass-rates from the candidates who undertook our comprehensive coaching, and we keep up-to-date with the changes in format each year. 

We were Fast Streamers who not only passed FSAC but excelled among our peers on the Fast Stream development scheme and moved quickly to senior management, excelling there too.

This enables us to coach specifically about the assessment phases but more so, how to operate well as a Fast Streamer.

We don’t want to devalue or cheat the FSAC process but add value to the people we send to it by making you high performing operators and better Fast Streamers.

This then provides the Civil Service with better prepared and more educated Fast Streamers, who can quickly add value to their departments. It is a rich career and we want you to thrive; so we do not just want you to pass these tests but ace them, and ace your time on the Fast Stream.

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