Oral Leadership Brief

This has changed significantly this year from previous years. Out of the 10 competences they test SEVEN in this exercise compared to an average of four in the others. This exercise is all about how to lead your team, but not just in setting out the culture and how you’ll operate as a man-manager (which you must cover), but then also how you’ll delegate tasks to each person in your team to strengthen them where they’re inefficient, play to their strengths to get the best results and also how you’ll address conflict and tension and make people feel more appreciated and support those looking for promotion.

You need to set out this leadership approach and give out these tasks all to sort out a project/solve a problem with a project or come up with a new initiative. You’ll be given a specific task that needs doing/solving and they want the detail of how to do it as if they’re saying, “go ahead, do it now”. So think of it like that, and get down what you’d do – what tasks to perform, who to email, who to consult, how long will it all take, what are the risks, and how can you mitigate them.

This is something you have to orally brief on (and cover all the above) in 10 minutes, but only touch on it all, as you won’t have time to go in to detail. After this you’re given 20 more minutes of questioning by the assessor and this is where you can invite them to ask about your briefing in more detail – and they will.

This is fine as you have 30 minutes to prepare your briefing beforehand and this is where you’ll come up with your solution, structure and briefing while allowing the 20-minute-part to deliver your detail.