What we do

We’ve deconstructed the Civil Service competences and Fast Stream assessments, broke them down and developed a mechanical method to show you what you need to do to operate well to successfully demonstrate the detail in these competences.  We will both instruct you and give you similar mock exercises.  This will help you understand what you need to do and what the assessors are looking for (we’ll show you the same level of detail they use to mark you) in each of the assessments you’ll face in each stage, especially FSAC.

We are not showing you ways to cheat the system, but give you a better understanding and coahcing to become a good operator, as a Fast Streamer and supply the Civil Service with better candidates.


Niche Services

We have a mock Oral Leadership Briefing that isn’t in the public domain (and we consider other coaching services and forums don’t have something like it either). We also show you which competences are being tested in the brief which the FSAC Brief doesn’t tell you.

Using a niche tool we also aid and promote creative thinking in a mechanical way – whether you’re naturally creative or not, we can give you a tool to produce innovative answers that the FSAC assessors are looking for.

Our preparation for the E-tray stage, Interview and FSAC is comprehensive, so you know exactly what to expect on the day, you’ll have experienced the exercises and you’ll be confident going in.


What we Charge 

In line with normal academic tutoring, yet cheap for a corporate service, we feel we offer good value-for-money at £50 per hour.


For the E-tray we comfortably cover the exercises in half an hour, so £25. 

At the Interview stage, we also cover this in an hour, going over your examples with you and this can also be done in an hour also.  So £50.

Or for £75, we can go over the theory in 30 minutes and then have a separate, mock interview session for a real experience of how you'll be interviewed.

What's been most popular this year is to book this together for £100 and cover the E-tray and Interview theory in the first hour and then the mock interview and examples-refinement in the second session.

For the FSAC, we can either discuss a tailored package to suit your needs, and matching that with a suitable cost. Mostly though, people want that comprehensive approach where we cover all aspects of the FSAC stage for a flat rate of £250.


Or if you want to book all stages together, we can do this for £325.


A typical coaching program for the FSAC stage looks like this:


SESSION 1 (1 hour)

30 mins leadership brief & self assessment theory 

30 mins written analysis and quantitative analysis theory

(set you a written exercise)


SESSION 2 (2 hours)

60 minutes mock leadership brief exercise

30 minutes feedback and debrief/lessons moving forward

30 mins written analysis exercise feedback

(set the second written exercise)


SESSION 3 (1 hour 30 mins)

60 minutes Group Exercise coaching

15 minutes written analysis feedback

15 Minutes creative thinking tool/coaching

(set you the third written exercise)


SESSION 4 (15-20 mins)

Telephone review of the third written exercise


+ additional 10-15 minutes rounded in for exercise marking


Satisfaction Guaranteed

The coaching covers everything from academic approaches, to handling nerves, to psychological tips on being personally successful in all walks of life. We’re friendly, capable and professional. We obviously can’t promise you’ll pass FSAC, as some factors are out of our control; it mostly involves how hard you’re willing to work and prepare – we can’t make you learn everything we give you to learn.

We have a high pass rate after the coaching, and most people who put the effort in and actively listen, do pass. In addition, 100% of people using the service found it extremely helpful, adding significant value to their capability and a compelling experience.

Please get in touch if you would like our help, or require more information; we’re happy to discuss our own careers, background and credence in more detail with yourselves or parents over the phone.