The e-tray exercise is the main focus of this stage. During this, you will be presented with a mocked-up inbox programme, and a good deal of background material, (all electronic) in the form of papers, emails, press cuttings etc. You will be given a defined role, job description, and goals. Over the next 40 minutes, you will receive around 30 emails, asking you to make a decision. There are 4 options for each email, which you have to rate from best to worst.

Pay very close attention to the background material you are given. Of particular importance will be the organisation chart, your role description, and the overall goal of the project. For each email that comes in, consider carefully what your role in the team is, how you fit in to the team overall, and how the email relates to the overall goal of the project.

One of the options can usually be discounted straightaway. Two will be similar, but subtly different – normally one of these will be the correct answer. Look closely, and see which one makes more sense, bearing in mind both the background materials, in particular the information above, and your previous answers.

In 2015 and previous years a written exercise followed the Inbox exercise. This is no longer the case. This stage now only consists of the Inbox exercise.