Video Interview

This stage tests 8 of the civil service Strengths.  With mock exercises we can get you through this in the same time, with delivery, coverage of your examples and drilling in to you how to almost guarantee top marks at this stage.

We have the Behaviours and Strengths in details, discuss how they map to each others and what you have to demonstrate in line with the wording that the assessors have. But read on…

Know your examples! The interview is all about you giving examples to the assessor of how well YOU (not “we”/”my team”) have performed in certain situations. FSAC uses its fairest way to objectively judge people as marking them all against one coherent benchmark – the Strengths and Behaviours.

They will ask why you want to join the FSAC though, so you should know this and be able to communicate it properly and succinctly.

You should prepare sterling, comprehensive examples to show how well you perform against the Strengths.  And when you’ve done that, you need to deliver them quickly. All interviews are done via video now so prepare to deliver that detail in 2 minutes.